Santa Cruz de San Sabá

Franciscan missionaries established Mission Santa Cruz de San Sabá in 1757 to Christianize the eastern Apache Indians. The site, rediscovered in the fall of 1993 and proved by archeologists in January 1994, is on the San Saba River about three miles east of the present town of Menard and four miles from the ruins of San Luis de las Amarillas Presidio, which was built to protect the mission. 

San Lorenzo de Picuris

Positioned in the mountains north of Santa Fe on the high road to Taos, the pueblo of Pícuris remains small and quiet. Fray Francisco de Zamora was charged with the establishment of the permanent mission, which was built around 1620. It served several surrounding villages in addition to Picuris it self. The mission church was rebuilt several times, being the last preservation effort made in 1986.