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TICRAT 2008 Videos 


TICRAT AZ | SON Introduction and Welcome
R. Brooks Jeffery and Lisa Carrico

(Time: 10 minutes 38 seconds)

Building Materials:

Adobe Characteristics
James Garrison

(Time: 1 hour 18 minutes 51 seconds)

Lime Plaster Maintenance Pitiquito, Sonora, Mexico
Pat Taylor and Francisco Javier Soria Lopez

(Time: 1 hour 4 minutes)

Lime Plaster Maintenance Rio Rico, Arizona
Pat Taylor

(Time: 46 minutes 52 seconds)

Adobe Brick Resources
Jupiter Martinez Ramirez and Vernaldo Velazques

(Time: 9 minutes 44 seconds)

Adobe Brick Making at Tumacácori -Spanish Dub

Adobe Brick Making at Tumacácri - English
Jim Garrison, Pedro Tanori, David Yubeta, and Abby Valenzuela

(Time: 16 minutes 39 seconds)

Adobe Water Proofing
Antonio Guerrero

(Time: 9 minutes 29 seconds)

Adobe Building Evaluation
Antonio Guerrero and Robert Vint

(Time: 47 minutes 50 seconds)

Slaking the Lime
Abby Valenzuela, David Yubeta and Pedro Tanori

(Time: 7 minutes 43 seconds)

The Use of Lime in the Preservation of our Built Heritage
Francisco Javier Soría López

(Time: 1 hour 24 minutes 38 seconds)

Documentation and Assessment Programs
Jeremy Moss

(Time: 43 minutes 06 seconds)

The Missions of Chihuahua and their Preservation
Antonio Guerrero

(Time: 48 minutes 22 seconds)

Case Studies

Case Study:  Socorro Mission
Pat Taylor

(Time: 44 minutes 34 seconds)

Case Study: Mission San Ignacio
Abby Valenzuela

(Time: 52 minutes 16 seconds)

Case Study:  Mission San Xavier Del Bac
Robert Vint

(Time: 31 minutes 59 seconds)

Site Tours

Tour of Tumacácori with David Yubeta
David Yubeta

(Time: 18 minutes 1 seconds)

Exterior Tour of Tumacácori
Antonio Guerrero and Eduardo Gamboa Carera

(Time: 46 minutes 1 seconds)

Old adobe structure tour
Antonio Guerrero and Robert Vint

(Time: 45 minutes 32 seconds)

Tour of the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady of Caborca
Gloria Elena Santini

(Time: 17 minutes 54 seconds)

San Diego Pitiquito temple tour
Padre Claudio Alonso Murrieta Ortiz

(Time: 53 minutes 23 seconds)


TICRAT Round Table

(Time: 1 hour 15 minutes 18 seconds)

Other Videos

Documents and Assessment Programs Sonora, Mexico

(Time: 43 minutes 26 seconds)

Current Issues in Conservation of Earth Architecture

(Time: 37 minutes 34 seconds)

The Former Jesuit Mission

(Time: 1 hour 42 minutes 42 seconds)

Tour of San Xavier del Bac

(Time: 30 minutes 54 seconds)