Nuestra Señora de los Dolores de los Ais (Mission Dolores)


Translated, mission’s full name “Our Lady of Sorrows, for the Ais,” evokes its sorrowful story, that of a small frontier mission built in the 1720s for the Ais Indians, the native group who lived along nearby Ayish Bayou. Located in what is today San Augustine, Texas, Mission Nuestra Señora de Dolores de los Ais was one of the easternmost missions of Spanish Texas, and a stop on the Camino Real de los Tejas. Like most of the Spanish missions in the eastern area of the province of Tejas, Mission Dolores failed to attract many Indian residents and was finally abandoned in 1773. No visible structures remain in the site, however archaeological excavations suggest that buildings were constructed from adobe and jacal.

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POINT (-94.116314 31.526602)
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